Friday, September 25, 2009

Pompano Beach - Cheesesteak Experience Review

Cheese steaks in Florida?   Mushy bread, soggy rolls, weak or greasy steaks, amurrican cheeze?

Nope.   Authentic.  All the way down to the Amoroso's Rolls.   And hey anyone back in Philly can youse send me a few? I'm missin' dem!

Ok I'm getting  ahead of myself.   I was in Pompano for an interview.   It went really well... and it must have because it took three hours.   Seems like everyone there was from Philly in the office.   So afterwords I was thinking maybe to the Cuban place in Festival Flea Market for a bit of Pork.

Then it called to me with a sign from on High...

Amoroso's Rolls!   Cheesesteak Experience!   We're From Philly!

Could It Be? Did I really find an outpost of culinary goodness in the land where Wonder Bread is a good thing?   Ok, Its just one meal so I ordered a Combo #1, 6" cheesesteak, With.   She said "Are ya from Philly" I said sure am!  "So you want it wit', with Wiz and on an Amoroso's Roll!"

Translation - With Fried Onions, Cheese Wiz, and on Heaven on a Roll...


So as I'm standing there in my Grey Interview Uniform, er Suit, I'm thinking that it can't be as good as Jim's on South, Genos or Pats in South Philly on 9th.  Guess what, Its the best I've had in years.  Certainly one of the best that South Florida has to offer.   The folks are from Huntington Valley and Oxford Circle who run the place and I felt like I was "home" listening to the woman bang the spatula against that big expanse of Stainless Steel that was covered by piles of fresh chopped sirloin cooked to perfection.  They even warmed the roll over top of the Steak like they used to do at Wombo's at Ellisburg Circle back in the 60s and into the 70s before it finally closed.

Who would have thought that Food Court food would be so good!

Cheesesteak Experience in the Festival Flea Market, 2900 W Sample Rd, Pompano Beach, FL

I'll be back!

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