Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Husband and Wife Go On A Golfing Trip

A man and his wife and save thousands of dollars, pack their bags and go on their dream golfing trip abroad.

The golf course is a thing of beauty, perfect greens, giant sculptures, huge sparkling blue lakes, the finest sand pits, and amazing views. The rich of the world all have mansions and castles on either side of the fairways.

The husband is a bit of a worry-wart. So, naturally, on the first hole of the course he's giving his wife tips and encouraging her to drive the ball straight down the fairway.

"Don't you dare flub your shots dear, if you do and it breaks anything at all we're in so much trouble... We could barely afford the trip let alone damage fees!"

He makes the wife nervous and at first she whiffs the ball entirely. After encouragement... She hits the ball hard and drives it, straight into a beautiful stained glass window of a near by mansion.

"Dammit!" They both exclaim and start to argue. After bickering for a few minutes they decide they had better walk up to the mansion, apologize, and see if they can work out an arrangement for the damage.

Upon arrival to the mansion they notice the door wide open and a deep, strong voice echoes "Well... Come in."

They enter the spectacular mansion, and follow the voice I till they come into a room that appears to be a study, there is broken shards of glass everywhere, and halfway across the room is a broken jewel encrusted vase. Standing next to the wreckage is a burly man with thick goatee and fine clothes, holding a golf ball.

The husband and wife start apologizing profusely and begging to work out an arrangement, but the man hold up his hand for silence, smiles and speaks:

"Do not worry about the damage, you see you have done me a great service, do you see the jewel encrusted vase that has broken before you? I have lived in that cell for a millennium. It is only thanks to you that I am free. You see I am a genie... And as a reward I may grant three wishes... I only ask you allow me to make the 3rd wish"

The husband and wife are astonished and thrilled! The husband walks up to the genie and happily asks for a mansion just as beautiful as this one, in every country in the world.

The genie nods his head and says "it is done. There is now a mansion in every part of the world"

The wife looks at be the genie and asks for so much money that they never have to work a day in their lives again. And so they can golf here whenever they want.

The genie nods and says "it is done, you now can afford all the pleasures in life"

The genie then asks for his only wish "this is my only wish and you must command it for it to come true... I have been locked in that vase, far too long, far too lonely without the comfort of warmth of a beautiful woman such as your wife standing before me... I wish to take this woman to the bedroom upstairs and have my way with her."

The husband and wife are shocked at his wish, and the husbands none to happy but after discussing it for a few minutes, the wife convinces the husband that it's worth it, that after all the wise genie did for them it's the least they can do...

So with the husbands approval the genie takes the wife upstairs into a beautiful huge bedroom and has incredible enjoys his time with with her. Hours pass and they both lay there elated and tired.

The wife exclaims "that was incredible..."

And the genie, smoking a cigar, asks "so how long have you been married?"

"A 35 long years" the wife replies

"Wow, such a long time for you both, and how old is your husband?" Asks the genie

"He just turned 50 last month.. Why do you ask?" Says the wife

And the genie chucked "amazing, 50 years old and still believes in genies"

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