Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bob Gets a Job

A rather dimwitted fellow named bob miraculously lands a job at a donut shop next to his house.

His first day on the job, a customer enters and asks "How much are these donuts?"

Bob replies "I don't know." Fortunately, the manager comes in and begins feeding Bob his lines, telling Bob to say "Only one dollar." And Bob thusly tells the customer.

The customer then asks "Are these donuts fresh?" To which Bob replies "I don't know." His manager then instructs Bob to say "Yes, very fresh."

Finally the customer asks "May I buy these donuts?" Bob answers, "I don't know." And the manager tells him to say "You better before anyone else does." Bob replies and makes his first sale.

Several weeks go by, and suddenly a robber enters the store, shouting "GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY,"

Bob says "Only one dollar."

The robber inquires "Are you being fresh with me?"

Bob remarks "Yes, very fresh."

The robber then howls "I will shoot you if you don't listen to me!!"

Bob says "You better before anyone else does!"

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