Saturday, February 20, 2016

Poor Little Rabbit

Personally, I'm not sure why it is a Vegan and an Escalade, but hey you get what you pay for!

A vegan is driving his Escalade down the highway and as he turns a corner he spots a rabbit run out in front of him. He locks up the brakes and skids side to side, desperately tries to not run over the rabbit. The rabbit takes a couple hops to the left and SPLAT! The front right tire flattens the bunny.

Moments later the vegan is sitting on the side of the road, hands in his face, tears pouring down his cheeks over committing murder. He sees another car approach and stop near him. A salesman type gets out of his Buick and rushes up to the scene of the accident. "What happened!"

"It was horrible! I was driving along...I tried to stop...but I killed this poor, defenseless bunny! I don't know what to do! I can't call the police! I have no cell service!"

The salesman looks at the flat rabbit, then looks at the crying vegan, looks back to the rabbit again, thinks for a moment then smiles "Don't worry buddy. I got just the thing!"

The salesman runs to the trunk of his car and digs around for five minutes. He pulls out an aerosol can and races back to the vegan who is now standing over the rabbit.

The salesman sprays the rabbit and amazingly, it suddenly twitches. He sprays again and the rabbit flips over once and lays still. He sprays it for a good minute and suddenly the rabbit springs to life! It shakes it's head, smiles at the two standing there, gives a little wave and proceeds to hop down the highway. After about twenty feet, the rabbit stops, turns and waves at them again then continues on his way. The rabbit stops once again, turns and waves at the two and continues once again down the highway.

The salesman and vegan watch the bunny hop away into the sunset as it stops every so often and wave back at them.

When the rabbit is finally out of sight the vegan turns to the salesman "That was beautiful and amazing! What is in that can? You should make millions selling it! What is it?"

The salesman holds the can up with a smile "Hair restorer with a permanent wave"

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