Sunday, April 1, 2018

April Fools Day Dad Jokes!

The thing about April Fools Day is I have always called it Amateur Day.  People smearing peanut butter on door knobs, pranks done left and right, and websites doing annoying things in the name of fun.

Well it's also a Sunday and my own brand of bad jokes are expected.   Oddly they get read as much  the Wednesday posts that I try to keep fresh and relevant, and not repeat myself.

At least I try not to.  Once in a while... after all there are only so many times I can refer to the same thing.

At any rate, here's your Dad Jokes for the day.  A couple for the road...

A frog wanted to know about his future and goes to meet an oracle. The oracle prophesied that in his future, he will be touched by a beautiful lady.

The frog grew curious and wanted to know when and where it would happen, to which the Oracle replied, 'next year, in a Biology lab'!

Karen met a magician .....

Magician: "Think of a card, any card."
Karen: "OK"

Magician: "Visualize it in your mind."
Karen: "OK"

Magician: "Is it the King of Hearts?"
Karen: "No"

Magician: "Is it the Ace of diamonds?"
Karen: "No"

Magician: "What is it then?"
Karen: "My husbands Credit Card!!..

Two football players are practicing...
One asks the other: "Do you want the ball?"
The other one answers: "No thanks, I'll pass."

And finally for today ...

My friend keeps trying to cheer me up.
He keeps saying "Cheer up, man! It could be worse! You could be stuck underground in a hole full of water."
I know he means well.

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