Saturday, April 7, 2018

Friends help you move. Good friends help you move bodies. Really good friends help you clean your toilet.

Now, There's a ridiculous title for a joke posting!

Once there was a set of triplets separated at birth

One was named Juan, another was named James, and the third was named Ahmal. They all grew up in their own paths, although there were some similarities where James was the odd one out despite not knowing it. Juan and Ahmal both grew up to be doctors, for instance, while James grew up to be a successful businessman. James was also the only one to not have children; Juan and Ahmal both had 3.

Well, at some point James found out he was a member of a set of triplets. He did some research, made some calls, and did DNA tests. He found out who his brothers were and decided to try and track them down with the help of an assistant who claimed to have known both brothers. James told the man he wanted to meet both brothers within a year, and the man, hesitatingly, obliged.

About 6 months into their journey, James was relieved to finally hear the words, "Well... Juan works at this hospital. Good luck." He got out of the car and walked towards the hospital, a surreal experience. He goes in, asks to see Juan, and waits. After about 15 minutes, Juan comes out and the brothers reunite at last. They spend the afternoon together catching up, and at long last James lets him get back to work.

That night he goes out to the car. The assistant says, "Are you ready to go home now?" James is astonished. He reminds the man of his promise to let him meet both his brothers, not just one. The man sighs and says, "Come on, man... if you've seen Juan you've seen Ahmal."

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