Sunday, October 13, 2019

I don't hate lazy people anymore. I found someone else who does it for me.

First, I give you one kind of Lazy.

A young married couple have moved into an apartment and want to re-paper the dining room.

They decide to call on a neighbor with a dining room of the same size and ask him how much rolls of wallpaper he bought when he did his dining room.

"Seven," he says.

Heeding his words, they buy seven rolls of expensive wallpaper and get to work. When they get to the end of the fourth roll, the dining room is finished.

Annoyed, they confront the neighbor and tell him, "We followed your advice, but we ended up with three extra rolls!"

The neighbor shrugs and says, "Well. So that happened to you too."

And since this is Sunday, I give a final kind of lazy!

The county's road maintenance staff got a new trainee.

The trainee is tasked to paint the lines of a reconstructed highway before it is to be re-opened for public traffic.

    On Day 1 the trainee painted 5 miles.
    On Day 2 the trainee painted 2.6 miles.
    On Day 3 the trainee painted 0.9 miles.
    On Day 4 the trainee gets then questioned by the boss.

Boss: "On your first day, you have painted a great length of the road. But the following days it got significantly less than before. Are you slacking?"

Trainee: "No, sir! The distance to the bucket gets longer!"

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