Sunday, December 8, 2019

I was washing a car with a friend until he said “Can you use a sponge?”

This deal with the jokes on the weekend... At least this joke.  It had me laugh out loud, over the noise of the dishwasher. 

I've always liked jokes and comedy.  It was a bone of contention with my mother since in those days we had one big TV and smaller ones in the Bedrooms.  The thing was, it was always better to watch things on the big TV.  So since she wanted to watch her cop dramas, we'd have to "discuss" things and share. 

Remembering those evenings, I think I was being given the benefit of the share more nights than I wasn't.

The police came to my door today and told me that they had to take my dog to court.

At first, I refused, but when they showed me the warrant, I was forced to let them take him.
I couldn't believe it! My precious pit, going to court!

"How long is this going to take?" I asked.

The officer replied, "Well, if he's a good boy, it shouldn't take too long. But if he'd been a good boy in the first place, this conversation wouldn't be happening."

I was still confused. I watched the officer walk back to his car and get in before I found my voice again. I ran to the car and asked the cop, "But what did he do? Why is he being brought into court?"

He looked at me, an uncaring look on his face, as he said, "Unpaid barking tickets."

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