Sunday, December 22, 2019

The nice about putting a strangler behind bars. Is that afterwards everyone can breathe a little bit easier.

One side effect of learning Spanish is that I have found myself wanting to use different syntax and Spanish words in English sentences.

My heart goes out to those learning English because it is a true mutt of a language with influences from many others and has not been "normalized" as much.

So anyone getting confused with linguistics, this one is for us!

Shavers only

A man (from Kentucky) has just checked into his ensuite hotel room and is admiring the view of New York City from his window.

He walks into the bathroom and washes his hands. He then sees a sign which reads "shavers only".

He frowns, curses and then looks at himself in the mirror.

He promptly opens one of the bathroom drawers, finds disposable razors and begins shaving off his entire beard (took him 5 years to grow) and shaves off all his chest and leg hair.

He shakes his head, miserable and depressed.

Later on, he is leaving his hotel to go sightseeing when the man at the check-in desk waves at him with raised eyebrows.

"Hello sir, I hope your room is fine? I see you've shaved your beard. You look very different!" The front desk assistant exclaims.

The gruff Kentuckian shakes his head sadly and replies "Yeah, I'm not one to break the law. Never been to New York before, guess they have different laws here. Would have appreciated it if someone had at least told me first."

The front desk assistant frowns, saying "What do you mean, sir? I'm not sure I understand you..."

The Kentuckian stares back. "Only shavers allowed in that room, huh? Would have liked to have been informed prior to check-in."

The front desk assistant's frown deepens and then realization creeps in.

He roars in laughter, "Sir, you mean that sign in the bathroom?! That's for the SOCKET!!!"

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