Sunday, February 13, 2011

First Britney Spears, now Justin Bieber

Ok, so what's the deal with celebs shaving their heads?

I just caught this clip of the Jimmy Kimmel Live show where Kimmel shaved Justin Bieber's Head.  Shawn Puffy Combs was there telling him not to and that Kimmel was drunk.  I don't think that Puffy was serious about that, but they did go through with the shave. 

After seeing the 16 yr old Bieber with his wide eyes and a bald head look like a character in the first Star Trek movie, I just had to smile and say of all the publicity stunts you can pull, this is a harmless one.  Amusing to say the least. 

It's not going to stay that way, girls, in another six weeks he'll be ready for a trim. 

If you're interested, you can follow the link to see the before and after.  It actually was a pretty good interview, Puffy was "deep" as usual.  Like Jimmy Kimmel says, I'm not in Bieber's target market either but I got a good laugh out of it. 

I may be due for a haircut, but I won't go quite THAT short.  Just a #6 on top, #1 on the sides and fade, please!

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