Monday, February 21, 2011

M.E. DePalma Blooms Again

If you build it they will come.

Our own field of dreams is having its effect.

While I was writing this particular blog posting as well as another, I was interrupted by a phone call.  I have a habit of standing up and walking around when I'm on the phone.  I don't know where I got that from but I wandered into the kitchen.  

After passing the parrot cage and his saying hello to the phone, I ended up at the sink looking out the back window.  Floating over the pool was a Monarch Butterfly.   I went from living in a place that they were a rare sight to one where I can expect to see a couple a day. 

I then remembered that I had this particular picture.   I have gotten the habit of taking my digital camera with me everywhere I go because everywhere you go there are things worth taking pictures of.  In this case, it is the reason why I have all these Monarchs in my neighborhood.   The little vest pocket M.E. DePalma Park is in bloom now with riots of color both insect and floral.  If you walk by the place at the right time of day, there can be flocks of butterflies, bouquets of flowers, and all of them are sparkling in the sunshine. 

Being where I am, all of this beauty spills out into the neighborhood and into my yard.  Looking out the front window I am smiling at the palm trees that are waving in the ocean breezes today and floating by is another one of my orange and black friends. 

Natural is always better than artificial, especially if it is near your house.

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