Thursday, March 24, 2011

Butterfly in the Park - Picture

Remember, Always bring your camera.  Even if it is just a dog walk.

I was walking Mrs Dog past M.E. Depalma Park last week.  Brilliant sunshine lit the flowers in the small park.  Lettie was recovering from her stroke, so she had a wobble to her step.  

Since the Episode, she's been sniffing much more than usual and more "selectively deaf".   I've proven that she can hear by placing my hand over my mouth and asking "Do you want a cookie".

The result is massive tailwags and ear perks, and the dog equivalent of "Are you flipping crazy?".

We have gotten used to a slower walk through the neighborhood since then.  It forces me to stop and smell the coneflowers.  In doing so, I've managed to get this picture.

This picture convinces me of a few things.

Always bring your camera.  You never know what you will see.
I need a better camera since picture isn't as sharp at the 3200 by 2400 or so that it gives me.
Dog knows best.  Always listen to Dog.
That next camera will be a Digital SLR with a removable lens.

Much of the imperfections of the picture are missing when you look at it fullscreen.  This is a slice, and it showed the flowers to the left slightly out of focus, but on the small screen that I had on the camera it looked amazing. 

After the picture was taken I showed it to the artist Julie Shen and gave her husband very precise directions on how to get to the park.   He is planning on bringing her to the park so he can take pictures for her to paint from.  I hope that happens, M. E. DePalma's efforts deserve to be seen.  As for my photography, it is improving.

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