Monday, March 28, 2011

A Rose For Pat - Picture

Perhaps, Greeting Card is more appropriate with that Haiku at the bottom.

All this happy text stuff was done in one of those tools that I installed over the last few weeks. 

To please Kevin, I made a point to find an open source font.  The font was called "Journal" and can be found here.  I'm able to use it since it was released under that GPL thing that I was banging on about a couple days ago. 

To please my sister, Pat, I decided to use the Rose from my back yard and banged out the Haiku at the bottom off of the top of my head.

I will have to remember that font, if I have better text, it could make for a very nice greeting card or addition somewhere.

Anyway, the picture is a segment from a larger picture taken as a batch of five.  This was the best from color, content, detail, and composition.  Just to the right of the flower off frame was a rusted old tiki torch holder sliver, and to the upper left was the bud of the blossom that would bloom when this particular rose wilted away.  It stayed for a week and was one of the first things I would see after the sun came up from my bedroom window. 

I used Inkscape to add a layer of text to the picture, tweaked the font and size, added that copyright notice at the top and another hidden one at 15% opacity somewhere. 

You won't see it but I know it's there.   Inkscape allowed me to play with the text and do that sort of thing in a span of about 5 minutes.  Imagine what it would be like in the hands of a real artist.

Modesty aside, there's a lot out there that someone who has a basic level of knowledge of this Graphics Design stuff can do with a little fiddling around.  It is often said that if you look at a program that you use like Microsoft Office's Word or Excel, you only use about 10% of it.  Just like your brain.

The world was built with people applying that 10%.   Everything you see that was man made was done by many people applying what they could with their poor little 10% and over time you would end up with something quite beautiful, useful, or amazing.

Mom was right.  All you have to do is apply yourself.

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