Monday, March 7, 2011

Spider at City Hall

"Hey, do you think it's going to rain?  Will we need our umbrellas?"

"Naw, look at the skies, it's going to be clear!"

Looking up we saw a "Broken" sky and some blue, so we walked to Poverello and did some thrift shop browsing, then out to Out Of The Closet for some more. 

Walking out, I felt a drop.  By the time we got as far as the crossing light at City Hall, it was a full rain.  We had a choice of walking or going back in and pretending to test the furniture for comfort while watching the rain fall.  The folks at Out Of The Closet don't seem to mind, and South Florida get these sort of pop up storms.  They last 20 minutes a the most and you're back to the weather you had before they hit.

We chose to cross Wilton Drive at the light and stand in front of City Hall.   To head back to Poverello is almost entirely under awnings and roofs and really rain here is not that much of a big concern.  It was in the mid 70s and a March Shower can be pleasant to walk in.  

I learned a long time ago to take my digital camera.  I wouldn't dream to call myself a Photographer, although I do take a LOT of pictures.  The law of averages being what it is, I get enough pictures that I want to share. 

I was standing there in front of City Hall chatting with Kevin and looked down.   Pointing at the spider I said "Hey there's a shot for you!" and proceeded to energize and frame the shot you see above.   It would have been a better shot were there a spray bottle of water and some back lighting involved, but you get what you pay for.

The Spider didn't mind and it gave me something to do until I got down the block to the Egrets.

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