Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Watching The World - From My Lap

I invited this particular situation.

I called Rack up.

He's a bony creature, athletic and muscular.

But he's all dog, and he knows where to stay to be comfortable.

Calling Rack up onto my lap, something that a farmer with a Cowdog would find bizarre, is something I do occasionally.

After all, I don't have quite as much free time as I did once.  But Rack likes it. 

It starts with a perk.

"Hey Rack, Come on!  Up!"

His ears are up, smiling, and his head is alert.

"Wanna come up?"

Standing up, Rack will stretch his body, part dog, part rubber bands.

One paw comes up onto the arm of the recliner to ask for permission.  Always knowing his place in the pack, the Beta Dog asks the Alpha Dog if he really is allowed his place.

"Come on, Boy!  Come on up!"

First comes the other paw, then Rack drapes himself over the arm of the chair.  A large overstuffed recliner, Rack melds with the padding, melts over the side and partially into my lap.

As time goes by and I'm petting him, he pulls more and more of himself over the edge and fully onto the chair.  It really is too small for the both of us, but he doesn't mind.  It won't be forever after all.

But this particular day, he decided that he'd sit bolt upright.  On me, and look out the window. 

There he sat, watching the world go by, just like I do each time I sit there on display.  The big window made from Impact Glass, safe from the storms, watching people walk past sometimes looking in, sometimes not.

We wave at the neighbors as they go by, watch the butterflies and dragonflies on the wing, and the world going by is not such a scary place for a timid dog.

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