Sunday, October 25, 2015

There Was A Man In The 1800s

There was a man in the 1800s who had no arms,no money and no home.

Wanting to improve his quality of life he goes in seach of a job.

He goes to the local butcher shop and asks for a job.  The butcher says that he cant cut meat and he doesn't get the job.

He then goes to the local pub asks for a job and gets the same response.

Frustrated and desperate he goes the church and prays for hours on end. The priest notices him and asks him what his troubles are.  Upon hearing this question the man explodes in a fireball of yelling and crying.

Pitying the poor soul the priest says that the church has a job opening on the bell at tower.  The priest then goes to say that he could have it if he could ring the bell. Wanting the job horribly bad he says that he can.

On the first day of work wanting to prove to himself that he can have a job without arms. He charges at the bell headfirst and rings it.  He does so everyday and his head gets bigger and bruised but he's happy.

A couple weeks into the job He loses his focus while ringing the bell and the bell comes back and hits and he falls of the tower.

A crowd soon gathers around the man.

One lady shouts out''does anybody know this man''? A boy replies ''no but his face sure rings a bell!"

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