Saturday, October 3, 2015

Three Televangelists

Three televangelists were debating whose denomination was the correct one.

After much debate and getting nowhere they decided to settle the matter by invoking a miracle. They all agreed that walking on water would be a good challenge, so they go to a local pond.

Pentecostal goes first. He invites his followers to shout out prayers, speak in tongues and dance before the Lord. After 1 hour of worship he steps onto the water and, slowly but surely, makes it to the other side.

Next is the Methodist's turn. He turns to his followers and says to them. We must be very solemn. We'll collect offering and then the Lord will respond. So after collection the man begins to step onto the water. Slowly, but surely, he makes it to the other side.

At last, is the turn for the southern Baptist. He tells his congregation to play loud instruments and testify before the Lord God. They begin to play their instruments and testify in song what the Lord has done for them. After 30 minutes of singing and testifying the man steps onto the water. He successfully begins to walk, but after a few steps he starts to sink. Concerned, he goes back to his congregation and urges them to worship and give more testimony of the Lord's mighty hand. After another half an hour he decides to try walking on the water. Again, he successfully gives a few steps, but starts to sink again. Even more concerned this time he goes back to his people to ask them for louder worship and more testimony. So they all being to sing and testify once again.

While all this is going on, the Methodist and the Pentecostal, on the other side of the pond, begging to talk to each other.
"I feel kind of bad," says one of them.
"me too," says the other.
"yeah, maybe we should tell him where the rocks are."

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