Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Doctor and the Bunny

The Doctor and the Bunny
A doctor is driving home one dark and stormy night. A few yards ahead, a rabbit bolts out from the forest. Try as he may, the doctor couldn’t stop in time and he struck the rabbit.

An animal lover, the good doctor leaped from the car to see if he could help the little guy.
But the rabbit was not responsive.

He ran back to the car to get his medical bag, but then realized that he was driving his wife’s car, and so his bag would not be there.
He reached into the glove box and pulled out what he thought was a bottle of water.

Returning to the bunny, he carefully lifted its little head and helped it sip from the bottle.

To his amazement, the bunny sprang back to life. The bunny gave him a big wave and then hopped off. It stopped a few feet away and then waved again. Bounding up the hill, once again the little bunny waved.

Astonished by the remarkable recovery, the doctor looked at bottle in his hand and read the label out loud, “Hair restorer with permanent wave.”

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