Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Chicken Crosses The Road

A chicken crosses the road to go to the library. It walks inside and says to the librarian, "book"

The librarian says, "You want a book?"

"Any old book?"

The librarian gives the chicken a novel and off It goes. A couple hours later the chicken comes back and says, "Book-Book."
The librarian says, "Now you're telling me that you want two books?"

"Book book" She gives the chicken two more novels.

The chicken leaves again only to come back one more time saying. "Book book book"

"Three books?"
"Book book book"

The librarian gives the chicken three more novels.

At this point, the librarian's curiosity is piqued so she decides to follow the chicken to see what's going on. She trails the chicken as it leaves the library, goes down the road, out of town, into the woods and down to a swamp where there is a bullfrog. The chicken hands the books to him.

The bullfrog looks at the novels and says, "Read it read it read it"

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