Sunday, April 17, 2016

So A Guy Sees His Ex-Girlfriend on the Train...

...on the way to work. Now they broke up rather amicably, so he gives her a friendly wave and she smiles back.

Once he gets to work, he sees his colleague at her desk and says to her "So I saw my ex on the train on my way over..." and before he can finish, his colleague abruptly stops typing and asks him: "What was she doing? What was she wearing? Where was she going? Tell me!"

He's quite taken aback, but he obliges her the details.

After doing some work, he meets his friend for lunch and brings up the issue while they were eating. His friend drops his knife and fork and immediately begins questioning him: "How did she look? Was she doing anything? Which station did she get off at?"

He's confused, but he tells his friend what he wants to know.

After work, he heads home and sees his roommate watching television, and wonders if his roommate will react similarly. So he casually mentions "So I ran into my ex on the way to work..." and without missing a beat, his roommate picks up the remote, turns off the TV, looks him in the eye and says "Tell. Me. Everything."

The guy is completely bewildered at this point, but describes the incident to the best of his ability.

Puzzled by the day's occurrences, he gets his phone and sends a text to his ex: "Hey, I told some of my friends I saw you in the train this morning and they all started asking me questions about it... Did you tell them anything? Did you talk to them?"

She soon replies: "No, but the same thing happened to me! I guess it was an ex-sighting event!"

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