Saturday, April 23, 2016

When I Went To The Guggenheim Museum

So I went to the Guggenheim museum with my brother and father because the other museum was closed and no one bothered to check if it was open today.

So when we walked in, there was huge spiral in the center.

We walked up it and went into the first room. There were three paintings on the wall. The first one was all white except for a black dot in the center. The one next to it had two black dots. The one on the right had three black dots in a triangle. I looked to the right and there were two more, one all black and one all white.

We walked out and went up to the the next room. It had a chandelier with one light burned out. Underneath it was a perfectly symmetrical pyramid of sand.

We went up to the third room and in there was a very nice natal behind velvet rope and a single rotting sandwich on it.

After exploring a few others rooms on my own, I found my father staring at a wall looking at something, thinking what it meant. I thought, wow, my father's a dumbass, but since I'm his son, I pondered with him. Pretty soon my brother joined us and then even more people showed up. Very quickly a large group of us were staring at it, wondering what it meant.

We were all staring at the exit sign.

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