Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Texan, Donald Trump, And a New Mexican are Walking Along And Find A Gold Lamp

They all immediately grab for it, and each get a hand on it.

As they each struggle to take it from the other two, a genie pops out. The genie says, "You have woken me from my slumber, and I shall give you three wishes. Since you each have a hand on the lamp, you will get one wish a piece."

The Donald Trump goes first. He says, "I want all the Mexicans permanently out of the United States and back in Mexico."
 "So it shall be," replies the genie, and suddenly every single Mexican is gone from the US and back in Mexico.

The Texan then shouts, "I'm next. You're telling me that all the Mexicans are gone from the US?"
"Yes," replies the genie.

The Texan replies, "OK,I want a 500 foot tall wall around the entire state of Texas so nothing can get in or out."
"So it shall be," replies the genie. Suddenly, a wall begins rising from the ground around the borders of Texas, and the Texan yells out with happiness.

Lastly, it was the New Mexican's turn. He thinks for a moment, and then asks the genie, "you're saying there is now a 500 foot wall all around Texas and nothing can get in or out?"

"Yes," replies the genie, "what is your wish?"
The New Mexican then says to the genie with a huge smile, "fill it with water."

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