Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Fireman decides he needs to spice up his marriage.

A fireman decides he needs to spice up his marriage so he tells his wife that he has an idea.

He tells her that when he gets home he will announce a 'one alarm.' He will say 'one alarm, one alarm' and they will kiss passionately.

Then the firefighter tells her that he will say 'two alarm, two alarm' and they wil take off all of their clothes on the way to the bedroom, then 'third alarm, this is a third alarm' and they will begin wild passionate love making.

So the wife agrees that this is a good, novel idea.

After a few shifts the fireman comes home and decides to try it out.

He walks in the door, 'baby we have a one alarm, a one alarm fire!' And they begin to kiss.

Then he says 'two alarm, we've got a two alarm fire' and they begin to disrobe on the way to the bedroom.

Then the fireman says' we have a three alarm, this is a third alarm fire' and the wife gets into it, they hit the bed and begin wild lovemaking.

After a few seconds she says 'four alarm, four alarm, this is a fourth alarm!!!'

He stops and asks,'four alarm? What's a fourth alarm?! We didn't discuss that?'

The wife says 'fourth alarm? Yeah. Roll out more hose, you're no where near the fire!'

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