Sunday, August 21, 2016

Two long time friends bump into each other after a long time of not seeing each other.

They start talking.

Friend#1: Oh hey, I haven't seen you since your wedding, how are the kids?
friend#2: Oh they're fine, how have things been with you?

friend#1: Everything is great, what say you we go out to eat?
friend#2 All right, I know a place around the corner, real fancy place, they serve great steaks and wine.

They arrive at the restaurant.  They sit down and they order the most expensive meals they can find, along with some expensive wine.

friend#1: Man am I full, WAITER! we are ready for the receipt
Waiter: Very well, it'll be $3,500

The 2 friends argue over who will pay.
Friend#1: I got the bill, it'll be my pleasure for not seeing you in so long.
Friend#2: No it's fine, you're my guest, I'll be happy to pay.

Seeing as how they we're never going to agree, the first friend calls out to the waiter "Waiter, bring me 2 buckets of water please."

The waiter comes back with the buckets.

 Friend#1: OK, this is what is going to happen, we will each stick our heads into the buckets, and whoever comes up for air first, has to pay.

 They both drowned.

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