Sunday, August 28, 2016

A New Monk Arrives At A Monastery

At this particular monastery their job is to copy old religious texts and manuscripts, day in and day out, so the new monk gets to work.

Eventually however, he notices that they are making copies of copies.

He goes to the head monk and explains how this could cause problems with translation. Over the years, the copies would get worse and worse, sort of like a bad game of telephone.

The head monk agrees and decides to send the new monk down to the archives to double check everything.

So the head monk takes him down there and leaves for a while.

After a few hours the head monk goes down to check on the new monk's progress, and the new monk is banging his head against the wall crying, "We missed the 'r', we missed the 'r'!".

The head monk asks him what he means, and the new monk replies, "The word is 'celebrate'!"

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