Saturday, September 3, 2016

It's not always a bad thing to be last

I have a habit of living on the "trailing edge" when it comes to do a lot of things.  Some times things just work out for the best when you step back and let details develop.  You're able to settle down, process all the details, and give a measured account of what you want to have happen.

Other times, something comes in and changes the results like this story here.


All the ugly people on earth die and go to heaven.

Being that they had to live ugly all their lives, god decided to grant them all one wish!

One by one in a line they start to get their wish granted... "I want to beautiful, I want to be smart and beautiful".

After days of waiting and listening to everyones request, the last guy finally gets to the front of the line and God asks, "what is your wish my son?"

The last guy with a smile on his face says "I wish them all to be ugly again!"

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