Saturday, August 4, 2018

What do you do when your girlfriend starts smoking? You slow down a little bit. Jeez...

After having read that topic line a couple times since I found it, I'm still laughing.  As for the joke below, you tell me!  At any rate, it's that Genie and his Lamp that keeps getting lost.   I picture it as you get your three wishes, then you toss the lamp.  You know, for security.  In case someone knows that you were the last one with it so they can cancel out your wishes.

Or maybe I am just reading way too much into it, right?

Here goes!

A man is walking along the beach with his wife when he stumbles upon an oil lamp poking from the sand...

Intrigued, the man picks it up and begins to rub the sand off it. To his surprise, a genie emerges from the lamp!

The genie says in a mighty voice, "As a reward for releasing me, I shall grant you three wishes. However, your wife shall receive double of what you ask for."

Without hesitation, the man excitedly says, "I want a brand new sports the car, the best one there is!"

"Very well, it shall be done," the genie replies.

With a snap of the genie's fingers, the man is suddenly sitting on the seat of a magnificent new sports car. The man is overwhelmed with joy, but turns to see that his wife has TWO new sports cars, and they're as amazing as his!

"Well honey, looks like I won't have to hear you complain about my driving anymore!" the man's wife says.

Annoyed, but not to be distracted from his new found fortune, the man quickly exclaims, "A million dollars genie! I want a million dollars!"

"Your wish is my command," the genie replies, before stacks of $100 bills materialize out of thin air and fill up the man's car.

The man is delighted and throws his new found wealth into the air, but then he turns and jealously peers at his wife, who has two cars overflowing with money!

Overcome by a jealous rage, the man turns to the genie and shouts, "GENIE, I WANT YOU TO BEAT ME HALF TO DEATH!"

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