Saturday, November 17, 2018

I used to be addicted to eating refrigerated poultry....But I quit cold turkey.

French archaeologists found ancient copper cables under Paris...

They came to the conclusion that the French had telecommunications way back in the Copper age.

Infuriated by this, the British published a paper saying they found Bronze cables under London and came to the conclusion that they had telecommunication technology way before the French.

After hearing this, the Americans did some digging and found iron cables and came to the conclusion that they were the first to have telecommunication technology.

Undeterred, the Indians did they own digging under the ancient city of Varanasi but found nothing, they came to conclusion that ancient Indians had wireless technology way before anyone.

Not the best J-oak in the world, but it will do just Pine.

Two trees having a conversation in the forest.

One is a birch tree and the other a beech tree. They look down to see a sapling growing from the forest ground and that a son of a birch or a son of a beech tree.

A woodpecker lands and the two trees decide to ask, is that a son of a birch or a son of a beech tree?

The woodpecker flys down to the sapling and has a taste, comes back up and says.....

That’s neither a son of a birch or a son of a beech. It’s the best piece of ash I’ve ever tasted.

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