Saturday, June 26, 2021

What happens if you press the brake and gas of the car at the same time? The car takes a screenshot!

 Think about that one for a second... And while we are on the subject of cars... I used to tell a version of this joke all the time.  I Knew people who insisted that they did this sort of driving and it always got my pedantic side going.

A highway patrol officer...

A highway patrol officer pulls over a car going 35mph on the freeway. He walks up to the driver and sees a sweet old lady behind the wheel. Patrol officer asks the old lady why she was driving so slow, and the old lady responds that she was sure she was following the speed limit. She gestures towards the sign on the side of the freeway. The officer looks up and realizes the sign read as “I-35”, indicating that the freeway was named “Interstate 35”.

The officer laughs and explains what the sign actually means to the old lady and that the speed limit is actually 75mph as designated by another sign a few hundred feet away. The old lady blushes out of embarrassment and giggles and apologizes for her confusion of the signs. The officer peers in the passenger and back seat and sees three other passengers in the car, all trembling and white as ghosts.

The officer asks the other passengers if everything is okay, and why they looked so terrified? The passengers stayed quiet for a few seconds, and one old lady in the back quietly mumbles “sorry officer, it’s just that we just took the exit off of I-290”

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