Wednesday, December 14, 2022

According to Rack the McNab Dog, Every Cyclist is Me

I should not be such a booster of the McNab dog.  Especially in an Internationally read Blog.  However, I'm constantly amazed by my own boy Rack the McNab SuperDog (TM).

You see, He's an amazingly intelligent creature.  He just does not get everything right all the time.

In this case, he's decided everyone on a bicycle is me.  Whether it is me or not, it's me.  Until that cyclist gets close enough to disabuse him of that belief, of course.

Once someone was walking Rack because I was training.  I have a very aggressive workout schedule who is not a professional athlete.  I walk average 4 miles a day.  Let's call that 28 miles a week.  Add to that another three cardio workouts, minimum of 1000 calories each.  I say it that way because when my inline skates are broken in, my preferred workouts are upwards of two times 30 miles a workout on skates, another two times 20 miles workout on the Bicycle.

That Bicycle workout is getting longer over the months as well.

All that cardio has a habit of feeding into itself so you truly need to keep all that going.  My "support team" knows that I am much easier to get along with if I am resting up from a workout, so one of the walks will get done by a friend occasionally if I am out carving a groove in the bike lane near my house.

Back and Forth, back and forth, North and South.

I find that while some people would find all this repetitive, I don't.  In fact, I have a habit of zoning out and forgetting that I am actually out there zooming along - at a heart rate average over 155 bpm.   I quoted all of this "biometric stuff" to my doctor when he suggested that I was getting near the age where I would be taking a stress test and he replied "we won't be doing a test, you just gave me the results".  Former (US) football player types make good doctors for sports inclined people.

The first time I had Rack out with my friends, I called to him and rolled to a stop to tell him that he was a Good Boy, of course.  That was all it took and he was imprinted on my bike, and on every other one who rides past.

Watch your neighborhood, you have more cyclists around you than you would expect.  Rack now wags his tail at every one.

I can't bring him along for a run.  My workouts are hovering around 21 miles, at speeds as fast as 24mph, and dogs are decidedly sprinters.  So he gets his four long walks and so do my support people.

Friends don't let Furry Friends stay at home, when everyone needs a walk.

He gets home and watches the door for me to return, but every cyclist he is passed by he expects to be me even when he's ahead of me.

Weird kid, isn't he?

Now the Skating?  I'm out for a couple hours training.  Crazy hours in summer, I have to get there at sunrise so Rack gets walked, and waits at that door until I come home.

There's no way he could handle 30 miles so I get my own time by myself doing my sport.  Those new full ceramic bearings are really sweet, but having Rack at the door, it's sweeter.

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