Saturday, December 24, 2022

What do you call a four man rock group that doesn't sing? Mount Rushmore

So here in the depths of a Bomb Cyclone, where every state in the "Lower 48" has freezing temperatures (not completely uncommon, truth be told) here's a wee little Once Upon A Time kind of Story to warm your heart.

A moral tale

Once upon a time, in the depths of a swamp, there lived a man who had a beautiful daughter that he loved dearly. He knew that she would soon be of marrying age and he was determined to protect her from all suitors who may not be worthy of her hand.

The first suitor to come knocking on the man's door was a young prince, who was known throughout the land for his charm and good looks. However, the man was not fooled by the prince's charms and he knew that the prince was only interested in his daughter for her beauty and not for her heart.

So the man politely but firmly turned the prince away, warning him that the swamp was treacherous and that only a fool would attempt to traverse it. The prince, wisely realizing that he was no match for the swamp and the man's determination, quickly retreated.

Next, a wealthy merchant came along, offering the man a fortune for his daughter's hand in marriage. But the man knew that money could not buy true love and he again turned the merchant away, telling him that the swamp was not for the faint of heart and that only a brave and worthy suitor could hope to reach his daughter.

As the years went by, many more suitors came and went, all of them failing to navigate the swamp and the man's formidable defenses. But finally, a man came along with a large truck equipped with massive tires that could easily navigate the muddy terrain.

This man, however, was not deterred by the hazards of the swamp or the man's fierce protectiveness. He was a foolhardy adventurer and he was determined to win the hand of the man's beautiful daughter.

Despite the man's warnings and obstacles, the foolhardy suitor managed to reach the daughter's side and she, impressed by his bravery and tenacity, fell in love with him.

And so, the man was forced to reluctantly accept the foolhardy suitor as his son-in-law, knowing that he had finally met his match.

The moral of the story? Treads rush in where wise men fear to fool.

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