Saturday, February 10, 2024

They say cows kill more people than sharks. I’m surprised cows kill any sharks at all.

Just like a Lawyer, Huh?  One profession we all like to cringe at!

So this corporate lawyer comes into his office

A corporate lawyer just bought a brand new Porsche, and he's pulling up in front of the office to show it off to his envious colleagues.

However, in the rush to be first he's not only double parked, he opened the door without looking just as a truck is driving by. Of course truck hits the door at full speed and completely rips it off the car.

The lawyer jumps out of his now ruined Porsche, jumping up and down and shouting about how he'll sue the truck driver into oblivion for destroying his prized possession and all that.

The office doorman has seen it all happen, and says to the lawyer, "you pompous prick, you've been so occupied with your damn car you didn't even notice the truck also took your arm off at the same time!"

The lawyer stops ranting for a moment, looks to the bloody stump that used to be his left arm, and then screams


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