Friday, September 16, 2011

I Told You, No Frog Legs - Picture

Sometimes, the faithful sidekick just does not want to play. 

She's got this old stuffed frog that she picks up and moves all over the house.  When it is time to sleep, that frog is on the mat near her.  If you pick up and move to another part of the house, that toy may well be moved with her when she catches up.

There are times, I guess, when you just want to be alone and the frog just is not welcome.

This must have been one of them.

Instead of my stepping on the toys, I would pick them up, set them near her and she'd accept that.  This day, I got her one eyed frog and set it on her nose and you see the results.

Older dogs have their moods and when you have a Mc Nab Dog, you have the added intelligence to balance things out. 

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