Monday, September 5, 2011

Shooting Stars over Wilton Manors

You had better bet I made a wish.

This morning while walking Lettie, I was standing at the corner of NE 9th Avenue and Wilton Drive.  Lettie had decided she needed to stop and stare at something and I looked up and saw what was happening.

There was a BRIGHT streak in the predawn sky.

I have seen shooting stars before, usually at night in the Perseid Meteor Showers that happen every year.  These are usually a short white streak, in the dark.  They're always white and since they're high up in the atmosphere, they start and end "up there".

This was none of that.  It was around 6:40 AM, looking due west.  I had to look the direction up on the map since Wilton Drive curves, and I lose my cardinal direction.  There was a streak of blue green tinged light coming out of the sky.  I guess what ever it was had a lot of copper in it. 

Since it was silent, I'm convinced it wasn't fireworks, certainly not at that time of the morning. Instead of being "up there" this looked as if it were coming in for a landing.  Literally like someone dropped something at a distance. 

Standing at NE 9th Avenue and Wilton Drive, this Meteor streaked down over Island City Lofts and appeared to land out West of me somewhere "out there" by I-95.

I have no idea if it actually had landed since the trail of light ended in the trees over "yonder".

Interesting way to start a week, huh?

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