Monday, September 14, 2015

Redundant Double Rainbow in Wilton Manors

Sure, a rainbow.

Over Wilton Manors.

Not One but Two.

So that makes it a Redundant Double Rainbow?

We've gotten quite a lot of rain lately.  It's the wet season so you have to expect that.

It's just one of those things, and that's fine.

Here in Wilton Manors, we're in the Rain Shadow of downtown Fort Lauderdale.  Storms will split and reform just away from us.  The west side of town gets more rain than the center or east side.  This is all in a city that is one mile from North to South, 3 miles from East to West.   Not the biggest place on the planet.

I've seen storms that turned the skies into night, the lightning and thunder making a loud racket that threatened to shake the house apart, and

Nothing.  Not a drop.

But that's Florida Weather for you.  Your neighbor could have a downpour and you're dry.  The pool out back is getting rain but your car is dusty in the driveway out front.

We were out at the 5pm walk the other day and a storm had just come through.  Brilliant sunshine.  I guess there was a little leftover rain on the east side of town because the sun was at our backs and setting.  Perfect conditions.

Not one but two rainbows.  Redundant.   I'm amused.

So we got some rain.  No big deal, it's one of those things here.  Typically if it rains, wait 20 minutes, it will change.  Makes painting things a little tricky this time of year but that's what winter is for.  You go out with paint brush in hand in shorts and sunshine in January, paint what you need to paint and come inside to clean up.  No rain or rainbows then either.

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