Wednesday, January 16, 2019

I'm not moving but I wonder if it isn't time to change my area code to somewhere really random

I have been through this before.

My phone number has 8 of 9 numbers either repeating or in sequence.  It is a popular one to use.

That's the problem.  More people than I are using it.

I end up going through "fusillades" of wrong numbers.

If you are presented with a form that wants you to fill in name, address, and phone number, and it is a legitimate use, you enter your own correct information.

But you want to sign up for a discount card and you don't want the company of the day calling you and emailing you and harassing you for a measly dollar off coupon what do you do?

Many people use my phone number.

Mind you, sometimes I never hear it.

The last really big problem ended up with my blocking every single car dealer in South Florida.  Some clown, and I have stronger names for those people, used my number on an intake form at a car dealership.

I don't know, maybe they were giving away a set of CDs or some such nonsense that this person really wanted.

Good luck getting that number removed.

Over the span of about 2 weeks I had to have had about 100 phone calls from multiple people at specific dealers talking to a potential customer about what great deals they have.


That wasn't me, it was my phone, and I am quite happy with my Classic-Car-Almost-Antique 2002 Jeep  Wrangler.

I'd be a fool to give that car up. 
It has the 4 Liter inline six cylinder motor for crying out loud. 
Designed by AMC for crying out loud!
For crying out loud!

Why would I want some junky Volkswagen?  (aren't they all?  Dieselgate anyone?)

Every time I got a call, I'd block the number. 

I installed Mr Number to do the heavy lifting for me.
I block any "Unknown" or "Spam Suspected" calls.
Area Code 732 is blocked completely.

Ok, that last one is because it's chock full of Indian Recruiters from Edison NJ.  I have zero connections in that area code.  If you are a recruiter, be from where I am at, or be from where the company is at, and have a signed contract to represent that company.


I get a wrong number about twice a day since the US is so abysmal in protecting the rights of customers.  I guess a Congressman has to allow us to be abused because they are being paid by the lobbyists to allow them to spam people.

The other day, coming back from the park and a workout, they struck.

I was stuck in traffic waiting for the light and construction at Federal Highway and Commercial Blvd in Fort Lauderdale.  My phone rang. 

Random person identified with a name I didn't know.

I did what I do with "Rand-o's"  I picked up and said nothing.
Neither did they.

They tried back three times.
In FIVE minutes.

After that it was someone else.  BangBangBangBang.

Today it was someone asking about real estate in Sarasota.   Then they texted me with the same question.

"When can I talk to you about property in the Sarasota Florida Area?"

I texted back "Never.  Someone gave you my wrong number so they could sign up for a give away".

People, don't ever do that.  Almost all numbers in the US in most urbanized areas are used.  You are only shifting your problem onto someone else.

So I'm debating where I want my phone to live.

Not me, just the phone number.

Somewhere I have never been, and never intend to be.

Idaho?  Rural Montana?  Some terrible place like Mississippi?

Mississippi is the place in the US that almost everyone can look down at due to the obvious things like low scores on education, civil rights, and economy.  And more!

Think of Norfolk UK and all those jokes about the people there.

So I am debating. 

I have had this number here in Fort Lauderdale since 2003.  I got it when we decided we were going to move here, and we did three years later.  Family and friends have this number.

So having some weirdly random area code like an area in a rural area means I have to give it out, explain it isn't local because "Reasons", and then block any calls from that area code.  If I do that, the robocallers won't get through and it will be quiet again.

I hear that Mobile Alabama can be nice in the winter, but Alabama?  It's only one state better than Mississippi!

At least I would be able to drive home from the park and not be asked to buy a condo in Sarasota, no matter how nice it would be there.

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