Sunday, January 6, 2019

Two fish are in a tank. One says to the other how do you drive this thing

I see a lot of stories, and a lot of jokes.  Many of these are just dumb.  Hopefully, I let them slide, although a few of them end up here.

I will say that I could totally see myself getting involved in a prank like this one.  The Long Game I think it is called.

After all, most of the pranks that the kids in my neighborhood used to pull, not me of course, but "them", like Ding Dong Ditch are spoiled by the "Ring" cameras people have on porches to catch Porch Pirates are not something you should let your kids do today.

Prank Calls are not exactly something that has the same input if your name is going to show up on their smart phone, and yours on theirs. 

However, this story definitely brought a smile to my lips...

A man runs a well-known bakery. One day, a kid enters his bakery.

"Hello, sir. Do you have spinach pies?"

"I'm sorry, buddy... I don't have them right now..." - said the man.

The kid leaves. On the next day, 2 kids enter the bakery.

"Hello, sir." - say the kids at unison - "Do you have spinach pies?"

"Sorry, kids, I'm afraid I don't have spinach pies today..."

The kids leave. On the next day, 3 kids enter the bakery.

"Hello, sir!" - they said at the same time - "Do you have spinach pies?"

"I've already told you that I don't have spinach pies! Please, leave!" - said the man, already losing his temper.

On, the next day, 4 children entered the bakery and asked the man if he had spinach pies, only to get the same answer. And on the next day, 5 children entered the bakery to ask the man if he had spinach pies. On the next day, 6 children entered the bakery to do the same godforsaken question. This went on, and on...

At the dawn of the 30th day, the man was more than ready. He had been awake all night cooking spinach pies to finally shut up all the children that had been asking him for spinach pies. He flips the bakery's sign and waits for the children. Not 5 minutes had passed when exactly 30 children entered the bakery.

"Hello, sir!" - they all said in unison - "do you have spinach pies?"


The children look at the pies. After some seconds, a small voice is heard:

"They look kinda yucky, don't they?"

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