Saturday, February 9, 2019

The worst part about being really good at keeping secrets is that... Nobody knows.

We are kind of inundated with ducks here.

Overrun, overpopulated, and overtaxed.

They're not native, and the naive around here keep feeding them.

Actually they're feeding the predators by proxy.  A clutch hatches, and since they don't go very far, you can count how many become a snack for foxes that have moved in as a result.

That is why I would be surprised to hear that one got successful enough to go car shopping.

A duck walks into a Mercedes dealership, and starts looking at cars.

A salesman approaches and says "can I help you sir"

The duck says "yes, I'm looking for a comfortable, yet fast car"

"Don't worry" says the duck "I have a well-paid job, and I can afford a Mercedes"

After some time the duck chooses a car and they retire to the salesman's office to make the purchase.

While the salesman completes the paperwork, the duck produces a large bag, and places it on the desk.

The salesman looks inside the bag, and sees it's full of feathers.

"What's this?" says the salesman.

The duck says.....

"It's a down payment"

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