Sunday, April 28, 2019

What do you get if you cross Titanic with Sixth Sense? Icy dead people!

Wow, that's a weird one, but since I laughed when I saw it, I may as well share my wierdness.

After all, that is what a Blog is all about. 

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And since I am letting my freak flag fly, here's one for you from the front porch.

A young boys logic

An old man is sitting on his porch just enjoying the summer morning air.
As he is sitting in his rocking chair he sees a young boy walking up the sidewalk pulling his little red wagon, in which is a roll of duck tape.
The old man calls out "young man, where are you heading with that duck tape?"
The young boy replays (with a tone suggesting the answer should be obvious) "I'm headed to catch some ducks... Would you like to join me?"
The old man chuckles a bit to himself at the young boys logic and says "No thank you young man, you enjoy yourself."

With that the little boy continues on his way.

The old man stays in his rocking chair because it's an exceptionally nice morning and after about an hour, here comes the little boy headed the other way with his wagon.
The old man takes notice to the boy and in the wagon there are several ducks struggling to free themselves from a wad of duck tape.

This image causes the old man to call out... "young man, where did you get them ducks at?"
To which the young boy repays "I just used my duck tape" and continues on his way.

The next morning, the old man is in his rocking chair again, and again here comes the boy.
He is pulling his red wagon only this time there is chicken wire in the back.

The old man calls out "boy, were are you going with that chicken wire?"
To which the boy replies "I'm headed to catch some chickens... want to join me?"
Again the old man declines and the boy continues on his way.

Again, about an hour later, here comes the boy, red wagon filled with chickens struggling in chicken wire.
The old man calls out "how ever did you get those chickens?"
To which the boy repays "with the chicken wire!" And continues walking.

The next morning the old man is on his porch waiting to see if the young boy will pass by again.
Up the sidewalk come the young boy with his wagon and the old man suddenly jumps to his feet..." young man is that pussy willow in the back of your wagon?"
"Yes" replays the boy.
"Let me grab my coat" exclaims the old man!

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