Wednesday, March 20, 2024

For Perfect Scrambled Eggs, One Tablespoon of Milk Each and Low and Slow.

Custard-y and soft scrambled eggs shouldn't be this easy.  Really.

For each Egg, add one Tablespoon of Milk.
Scramble in a bowl, mug, etc.

Add any add ins as you feel necessary but if they need cooking, do that separately.

Get your favorite skillet out and start to warm it up on LOW.
Yes, Low.

They don't have to be babied, but relax, everything will cook in time.

The picture was at the end of cooking my breakfast today.  That gadget in my hand shows how low the heat was on the surface of the skillet, 233F.  Just over Boiling.  Call it 105C.

You will be cooking this low and slow.  It seems to be the key to this.
Push the eggs around with your spatula gently.  They will set. 

But try it.

It took me less time to make two eggs in a skillet than it usually does to make a "Souffle Egg" in the microwave.   Sure there's clean up afterwords, but at least you're not having them explode and coat the insides of the microwave, or turn into a yellow and white hockey puck.

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