Sunday, March 3, 2024

Pay Attention When Your Computer Warns You Your File Is Open On A Save, I Lost My Jokes File

 Hey I mean I can recover it, but it will take some flipping back and forth to get it back.

What happened was that in all the nonsense that I do here, I blinked.  It was not due to anything other than just being busy and or tired blah blah blah.

I had the file I keep open on the desktop.  That Jokes file.  It's titled "Thirteen Bad Jokes.txt".  Many months back I started putting jokes and stories into that file but started with saving one liners.   I found so many more one liners that I used them for the weekend titles.

That many...

But I would have people send jokes to me and others I would "farm" from joke sites on the web.  I had a few basic rules -

They have to be funny to me,
They have to be funny to me after I clean them up to be able to be told in a class room of 12 year olds,
They have to be not-evil - Not racist/sexist/etc-ist.

I personally don't consider myself terribly offensive - here.  In person you will know exactly how you sit with me in chapter and verse, and probably learn too much about my own head, too quickly.

If you find that strange, be truthful with yourself, because I am sure there are some out there who would say exactly that about you. 

The "Hold My Beer" mindset that extends in our recent culture is very different than it had been even 20 years ago.

So I screwed up.  While I watch this particular post come up with a warning message that says " Update Failed ".  Oh yes, it will be one of those days.

I guess I'll be spending time on those same sites looking to start over.  Having a zero byte file on the desktop of this machine is useless. 

Since I was gifted a machine so that I could continue writing the blog as well as other things, I may be able to leverage one of those machines to help.

Repair Software Rules

1) Never use Windows because the ick factor is just too high
2) when backing up Linux don't try to use your back up on the machine you are trying to restore to because the Linux hard drive is a clone, and if you plug a cloned back up into an encrypted master, it will error out.
3) if trying to restore a single file or directory of them (Folder to you Windows people), use a temporary Linux install.  It only takes an hour to create one, only 10 minutes to book from install media. 

On that note, if I want Lunch at Noon when I have company, I have to release this blurb of helpful hints, and rants, and get my beefy and fit self into the shower!

We will see how that all goes won't we?  LOL

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