Sunday, March 10, 2024

If that’s Orion’s belt….Where’s his pants?

 Since my Wordpress backup of this site liked the topic yesterday, I thought I'd repeat the silliness.

So folks?  Did you reset your clocks?  How many will you miss until May or June or some other dear sweet lady's named month?

Don't let's go on that metaphor, it's a bit odd.

Just back from a workout, nice day for it.  Here is hoping your weekend is just as awesome!

A timid little man was terrified of flying, and was on a long distance trip.

He was on his first ever flight, and he had the window seat. Besides him sat a giant man, heavily tattooed, and not smelling the cleanest.

After the plane took off, the timid little fellow soon found himself feeling sick. But he didn't know how to get past the large fellow that sat between him and the way to the bathroom, especially because his neighbour was now fast asleep.

Suddenly it was too late, he couldn't help himself, and he got sick all over the other man. He frantically tried to wipe up the mess, hoping the giant wouldn't wake up.

Despite his best efforts, he noticed the man stirring, and his eyes opened. Thinking quickly, the timid little man smiled and said, "Are you feeling better now?"

Oh ew, but he did cover his mistake fairly well if a bit evil.

How about a second one?  Since we're heading to a burger joint similarly named, and I was just at a golf course biking circles around the place...

Two guys are out playing golf

Jim and Dave are playing golf one day when they come to the 8th hole there are two women teeing off.

Jim turns to Dave and says "go ask if we can play through"

Dave takes off towards the two women but only makes it about ten paces before he turns around and comes back

"What's the matter?" Asks Jim

"Well you see one of those women is my wife and the other is my mistress" replies Dave

"I see" says Jim as he heads off to ask the women if they can play through, like Dave he takes about ten steps then returns to Dave and says "small world"

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