Saturday, March 2, 2024

What do you call a good looking Pig? Hamsome.

Ok, I'm back from being an athlete today.  Beautiful day for a 14.6 mile bike ride.  Trying to do a file by file copy on a very large volume in Linux with my feet up on the couch at the moment.   We'll see how that goes, the destination was formatted for windows.  "ext4" is so much more flexible.

John and the Mob Boss

John was serving as a jury member in a high-profile gangster trial. The mob boss's underlings approached John with threats and a bribe:

"There's no way a death sentence will be passed. At worst, it'll be a life sentence." Shaken, John agrees. The trial proceeds, and the jury is sequestered. Hours turn into days, then a week...

Finally, the jury returns with their decision:

"Life imprisonment."

The gang members are thrilled. The boss grins at John, and as his men hand John $10,000, they praise him, "Great job, you've truly earned this. But what took so long? Was it tough to persuade the others?"

John sighs and says, "You wouldn't believe it! Right from the start, they were all set on acquittal. It was a nightmare convincing them for a life imprisonment!"

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