Sunday, April 14, 2024

If men call short women "petite", what do women call short men? "friends".

Go on, go out and enjoy the day!  It's beautiful here, and it is beautiful where you are because you are there!  But before you go, here are some lessons.

Lessons learned over time, in no particular order:

    the problem is always in the last thing that you check.

    always do the network card driver update AFTER everything else.

    it's probably the cable that's causing the problem.

    if you think that you've made things foolproof, the fool will become more ingenious.

    don't click ok on the error message until after you read it.

    if you perch something fragile precariously for just a second, you'll leave it there until it falls.

    if you can't figure out the problem, you didn't remove enough things.

    the wife and the dog both think that they should sleep on your side of the bed.

    check on top of your head before you begin searching for your glasses.

    look in the front door lock before you start searching for your keys.

    just when you think your kid can't get any dumber, they do.

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