Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Stop feeding the Coyotes, That is what the Ducks become after all

No, I am not a Disney Prince.  I can play one at the end of a marathon, though.

Seems that way some days though, and really, I do not expect to stop this.  It's a time honored tradition. 

Certain older Demographics do this all the time, although I will say that it happens with all ages.

You see people going to The Park, any park, pick an appropriate one.  If there are "Cute Woodland Creatures" there, you will find people feeding them. 

Charismatic Preserve Dwelling Denizens will approach you for a wee morsel. 

Ok, it's adorable.  I'll admit it.  There are squirrels, ducks, and doves all competing for a nibble. 

Aww so cute!  I haven't had my toes nibbled by one, yet, but I am sure that is coming.

Of course since there are coyotes in these woods, and they are the typical Apex Predator along with the common house cat, that is what you are feeding.  Actually, it is widely known that there are coyotes in even Central Park in New York City, and foxes and coyotes are spotted here in South Florida along with many other strange creatures that people are surprised to hear about.

Other than cats, coyotes, and stray dogs,

Boa Constrictors
Ball Python
Multiple species of Feral Ducks
Multiple species of Feral Parrots

That's just the beginning of the list.

So your bread, which is bad for ducks to begin with, goes to feed the Coyotes.

As long as they don't climb into the car I guess.  I have enough trouble keeping my 22 year old Jeep running these days without turning it into a nest!

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