Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Moon Set Over Wilton Manors


"Foot!" I say to Rack, the McNab SuperDog (TM).

He was at the front door.  About an hour before sunrise, it was time for his first walk.  Holding the harness in front of him, he was wriggling, squeaking, and ready to go.

Silly nugget!  You can't hold a good dog back, and Rack is one of the Goodest.

I snapped the latch in place, and we stepped out onto the front porch.  The air smelled of Basil from the pots in place, and the general scent of the trees.  A clear morning for a walk.

We stepped out on to the driveway and started our wander for the day.  My health insurance gives me a few quarters for walking 10000 steps each day.  That's actually laughably low for me, I regularly do twice that.  It's a goal to get it at least 5 days in 7 and I have not missed it since the insurance changed.

Wandering vaguely toward the beach, we headed East.  Everything must be sniffed and inspected.  "BIP!" I say to Rack to move him on.  He looks back, smiles and becomes a little more assertive with his steps.

He is not bashful about his walks, we could easily walk miles each time out.  At least at this time of morning, the conditions are cool enough to make it worth our while. 

It is the Still of the Morning now.  Few are out.  Those who are generally have a reason to be here.  Early Risers with their dogs and exercisers for the most part. 

Of course we were there as always, typically before sunrise. 

"Show Me Walk!" I say as Rack looks back and smiles again.  He takes the instruction as intended.  He chooses his walks for the most part and decides the majority of the routes when we are out.

Once around the park, then head back toward home.

Coming around the corner we notice the view.  This day, the moon was full and it was setting for now.  Cradled in the crown of the trees at the end of the block, it lit the neighborhood in a glow. 

I told Rack "Wait here" and leaned against a tall Palm.  Getting the camera out I braced myself hoping that in the low light things would not be too shaky.

They weren't.  We got the picture we wanted.  Always take a camera. 

Always take a dog.  They like that too.

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