Sunday, May 5, 2024

If someone ever asks you to tell them a joke, say to them, “I have a vegetable joke, but it’s kinda corny.”

 It has been a rather nice day here in Sunny South Florida.  No rain, yet, but I can tell we're inching towards the wet season.  The grass is turning to straw and the ducks are on dry land.

Recently, I was flying into Barcelona from London, and as we were descending to land we passed through some very dark clouds. The plane began to be buffeted by turbulence like I’ve never experienced before in my life.

Suddenly, a blinding light exploded outside and an explosion of noise enveloped us. Lighting had struck the plane!

The cabin erupted in screams and cries as the plane dropped hundreds of feet in a single moment, but the worse was yet to come. The strike seemed to have impacted the plane’s environmental controls and we were all suddenly sprayed with water from above. It was if the humidifying system had become short circuited and began streaming everyone with a wet mist.

Amongst all the yelling and sputtering wet cries the plane struggled to gain control. After what seemed an eternity of terror the plane suddenly dipped into daylight, and regained a controlled descent.

We sat there dumbstruck and drenched a few drops of water dripping on our heads.

A musical tone gonged and we were met with the calm and polished accent of the British Airways pilot that advised, “Hello, this is Captain Higgins speaking. I apologise for the turbulence and rather unexpected weather conditions, but as one knows, the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plane.”

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