Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mosquitoes Overran Me

Can we build a dome over the City, pump it full of DDT?

Kill all the mosquitoes?

All I have to do is walk outside and in the wet season like now I become a pincushion.

We're still trying to get the pool and spa patched.  At this point the pool looks like it just may be holding water.  The next step for the pool other than my pretending to be a cork with a few beers and some music is to have it re-coated with Diamondbrite.  The water chemistry is stabilizing, we're clearing the slop that was left over from the reconstruction, and the pool seems like it will not have to be covered over with something permanent.

The spa as a slow leak in it.  This morning it seemed more leak than we would have liked and since we planned on emptying it into the pool and patching it, the water level didn't really matter.  The spa was then drained and I got a call from the yard asking for help.  I was to switch the flow from pool to crawly so we could get the air out of the lines and get the walls cleaned by the kreepy krawly.

Spell that how ever you would like!

I walked over to the valves and within ten seconds there were three mosquitoes happily feeding on my legs.  After cursing them and their entire DNA Pool, we turned the fan on so that it would cause a strong breeze where I was standing to get them on their way.  

It didn't work.   I was back on duty in the breeze and looked down and there was yet another of those evil blood suckers feeding on my ankle. 

If you are counting that is four bites in the span of five minutes. 

Dancing around the yard cursing mosquitoes, the Chinese Shipping Industry that brought Tiger Mosquitoes to the United States, and the lack of evil chemicals to banish them to their ancestors, I went back and helped getting the pool and spa done.  I think I managed to do three laps around the pool at a brisk walk while there was a cloud of the vermin following me. 

I am blessed.  With Sweet Blood.

This being Florida, I should be able to grow just about anything back in the hedges.   Since to keep them, we have to water the hedges themselves daily in a drip feed.  The drip feed is legal, and the hedges look well cared for and lush.  That would explain the mosquitoes.  Either you have hedges that ensure you privacy while in the pool, or you have no mosquitoes.

They feed the birds but from the quantity I see around down, or from the evidence I have on my legs, the birds need to eat more.

Now I know why people in South Florida wear long pants early in the day and late at night!  I think I'll have to be doing a shopping trip soon. 

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