Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stonewall Pride Wilton Manors 2010

I'll take a short break from the articles from the Town Hall.  Believe it or not I think I still have two or three long winded articles to write before I'm done.  The next one will be the City's Presentation on the Wilton Manors Main Street Two Lane Initiative, and I want to do that one right!

Today, after thrashing in bed from 2AM until 5AM I finally pulled myself out of bed for the morning dog walk around town.  I guess there really was caffeine in the Decaf Espresso I made yesterday!  Yes, Decaf Espresso.  Great stuff.  Still had caffeine!

I was standing in the bathroom making silly faces at the mirror and heard a "CLANG!" on the pavement and realized that the preparation for the 2010 Stonewall Pride Festival is proceeding a pace.  I fed Mrs Dog and left for the morning walk and noticed that everything had a sheen from the overnight showers.  The weather today will be a typical South Florida Wet Season day, 90 degrees, a chance of Thunderstorms, and brilliant sun.  That little sheen and the small "schvitz" that was hitting us will be gone once the marine layer burns off.  

It's already in the 80s so if you're coming, bring plenty of water to rehydrate.  It is traditional to hold a Gay Pride Event in June, that was when the Drag Queens of the Stonewall bar fought back the NYPD who were frankly oppressing their right to peaceful assembly (Hmm, Constitutional right?).  This is a celebration of the beginning of the modern Gay Rights movement, and there is still a lot of distance to cover.  Fascinating Wikipedia article here.

If you don't accept a group of people you have no right whatsoever to complain when they don't accept your complaints.  (Small Minded or Negative comments *WILL* be deleted, don't bother)

So with the Gays descending on Wilton Manors (and no, it isn't a Gay City, it is approximately 60% straight) along with their Straight Allies, and there are a LOT of us here, you can come to the party and enjoy the music and dancing.  After all, who doesn't like a street fair?

This is one event that I won't be volunteered, er, volunteering for.  Being very active in the political volunteer community here in Wilton Manors, I've been invited to Wilton Manors City Commissioner Tom Green for a reception at his apartment and also to the Wilton Manors Main Street opening of their new offices on the Drive at the Gables.  I'm looking forward to both! 

Thanks Tom!

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