Friday, June 4, 2010

Someone's Making Coffee

First thing this morning, even before the dog walk, I had roasted coffee beans.  I bought 8 pounds of green coffee beans so that I could roast more.   It is cheaper than buying in the stores at $5.50 a pound, and I can have control over the quality.   The quality is why I got started on this rather out of the ordinary path.  If the cup is bitter, I roasted too long or I got bad beans.  If the cup is weak, I need to roast longer next time. 

That sort of fiddly compulsive Foodie stuff that people who are doing strange things with food are famous for.

Yes, it looks strange but I have had more people say on the next breath that they really want to try it. 

Admittedly it is out of the ordinary but seeing that I roasted the beans this morning in 6 minutes while waiting for Mrs Dog to decide that she really does want to eat the yellow Glucosamine Powder on top of the bowl of Purina Lamb and Rice, it was not any more overhead and was time well spent.

At the end of those six minutes, I poured the hot beans into a metal bowl, and got her ready for the walk.  I got down to the midpoint of my walk and ran into a neighbor who is another dog walker and we chatted for a bit.  All of the sudden she said "Mmmm, Someone's Making Coffee!".  

I smiled that knowing smile, somewhat sheepishly.   Responding to her, I said probably not, that's me.  Explaining to her that I roasted coffee today, I told her that the scent will follow until I manage to get back home and cleaned up for the day.  Mrs Dog's walk came first. 

My house always smells like fresh baked goods.  When I am not baking, it still smells like baked goods.  If you cook, you know your house will smell of the foods and spices that are in the foods.   When I made curried chicken, it smelled of curry for days.  I now have a house that vaguely smells of food all the time.  On top of the food, there is always coffee.

I will engage in a little arm stretching while patting myself on the back here, the coffee roasted perfectly.  Guatemalan Huehue Peaberry Coffee, roasted six minutes exactly, ground to an espresso grind.  This coffee has been so good that I haven't found a need to go back to my long time favourite, Hawaiian Kona.  $5.50 a pound beats $15 a pound every day. 

Now I just have to clear out the commercially roasted stuff.   Anyone for some Iced Coffee?

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